New Lotto, good or bad?

Since it’s launch in 1994, the National Lottery has created over 3,700 millionaires. For over 20 years of the National Lottery we have had 49 numbers to choose from when we have bought our tickets. From Saturday 10th Oct the odds changed massively as another 10 numbers were added making a total of 59 lottery… Continue Reading

Twitter’s still not on trend.

“Cannot retrieve Trends at this time. Please tap to retry” So still no trends on my twitter account. What options do I have now? Log another report on Twitter? Ok, let’s give it a go. 27th September I’m trawling through lots of Twitter help pages (none of which help with my problem). I eventually find… Continue Reading

Hey Twitter, what’s happening?

Hey Twitter, what’s happening?

I was in Tenerife in July this year, checking my Twitter feed before heading out for the day. One of my regular habits on Twitter is checking the latest trends, but on this particular day something wasn’t right. There were no trends! The message read “Cannot retrieve Trends at this time. Please tap to retry”.… Continue Reading